our mission

O. B. Financial Consultants mission is to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality, through financial literacy, credit comprehension, and financial education. We want to teach our community on financial concepts that was not taught in school. We saw a void and wanted to fill it to help give this generation and the next a chance.

01. Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is critical because it equips us with the knowledge and skills we need to manage money effectively.

02. Credit Comprehension 

Credit Comprehension is maintaining a solid credit rating and payment history will ensure your ability not only to get credit in the future, but to qualify for a lower interest rate. 

03. Financial Education 

Financial Education It is the ability to understand how financial resources work. It refers to the technique of investing and managing financial resources and the skill to make good financial decisions. 


A Team Of Professionals

Erica O.

CEO / Senior Executives

Erica “Credit Nurse” has passion for helping others. She has been in the healthcare field as a nurse for many years, and decide to tap back into her background in finance to help people in a more impactful way.

Lanell B.

Senior Executive of Marketing

Lanell is an expert on sales and marketing. He feels it’s his mission teach, train, and motivates individuals on how to properly interact and communicate with your target market.

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